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Thoughts on a Feather

Thoughts on a Feather

The tiny plant holds the feather tight, the wind off the Gulf blows hard,

yet the feather remains tied down, though it is meant to fly.

How often we allow others to do the same to us.

The negativity, criticism and controlling nature of those close to us,

is often difficult to rise above.

We are held down.

We give and they turn our gifts away.

We create and they criticize our creation.

We dress up and they suggest we wear a different color.

Though we are kind, we are shunned.

We open our hearts and they slam the door.

In reality, is it so difficult to let go?

There are days when my heart is filled with joy.

Though the challenges I face seem insurmountable,

I am filled with love.

I Am love.

It is then that I know the meaning of true Joy.

Yet in this time and place that I find myself

I am confronted each and every day with people who do not want me.

Yet out of a sense of duty and love, I remain.

The benefits are there too, I readily admit, yet is it worth the pain?



This too will pass.

I watched that feather for a very long time.

The feather, the wind, the sun and sand…

And me.

When will I choose to let go?

When will that last thread that grips me

Finally break?

When will I be free to fly?

Is it…

simply a choice?

I think


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