The Paradise of My Mind

The Paradise of My Mind

My best work comes when my mind is at peace.

Life does “get in the way” and like most

Of us I become ensnared by the challenges and noise of our fast paced world.

There are times when weeks go by and I have found myself far from the mental stillness I often enjoy.

I must put in the effort and use the coping skills I have developed to return to the Paradise of my Mind.

I have my “quiet time” early each morning, which is a time of stillness, meditation and prayer.

I will exercise more and walk on lonely beaches.

If necessary I will consult a friend.

I might attend church a few times a week during these periods of unrest.

We all know what works best for each of us individually.

Finally I return to the Paradise on my Mind.

It is then the brush flows. I am “divinely inspired” and the peacefulness of my mind is communicated on the canvas.

It is magic.

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