The Junonia

The Junonia

“Alabama’s Junonia” is an oil on canvas, 48×24.” It is a depiction of the        Alabama State Shell. Very similar to the prized Junonia of other areas of      the Gulf Coast, the Alabama Junonia has a golden hue. To view the entire    painting, please see the "Seashells, Flowers and Still Lifes" on my site.

Balance is very important to me in my work. In this painting it is evident in   the way I handled the composition, the color, as well as the balance of  detail in the background and foreground.

In “Alabama’s Junonia” I made the decision to use greater detail in the background as opposed to “Florida’s Horse Conch” or the Florida Horse Conch I am now working on.

The decision was made based on the level of detail in the shell.
The Junonia has a simpler design than that of the Horse Conch,
which leaves room for greater detail in the background.

The shell is smooth, elegant, regal, calm, simplistic in design.
She floats serenely off the coast which has recently been battered by a storm. This is the state I strive to be in after being “battered” by the inevitable “storms” of life.

Be well, be calm, be the beautiful person your true self Is.



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