Sunlight and Shadow

Sunlight and Shadow

The older I get, the more deeply I understand how complex life is. Hence the greater need to simplify one’s life, from daily activities and duties, to the thoughts and moments that fill our days.

In so doing, an inner stillness and trust in life develops.

If one chooses to look at a “loss” or a “failure” as nothing more than a part of the journey…with little to no interruption in one’s inner serenity; loss and failure become blessings.

How willing am I to gracefully let go of that which was not meant for me? Unfulfilled dreams and many times a broken heart… Losing hope is easy.

How much of the inner light am I allowing to shine through? How much am I allowing the universal light of love, to reflect outward from my core, to those around me?

Like the light and shadows in the sand, life is a series of sunlit days and sorrow. Through faith, hope and the grace of God, the shadows of sorrow fade allowing the magic and light of life to fill more and more of our days.

The days in shadow then begin to blend smoothly with the sunlit days of joy.

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