Vessel of Peace

Vessel of Peace

In my mind there is the rain, the paint, my palette knife and me. I had a late start today after days of shows, office work, reorganizing and cleaning. It has to be done. I find it difficult to work in a messy space.

Then there is the worry, which creeps in sometimes. Oh my goodness it got a grip on me several days ago! When such destructive emotions fill my thoughts, I shut down to the point of paralysis. Everything becomes difficult in the office and my creativity disappears. Not good. Not good at all.

My mind has slowed down considerably over the years, though I am still not to the point of the control I continue to strive for. Not even close, really. “Observe the mind rather than be it.” This I have come to understand.

Immediately when I step back and observe my thoughts, I separate myself from my mind and I become more in tune with my true nature, or spirit. It is that part of me, that is immortal, the part of me, which is my soul, connected to The Divine.

Recently I began to understand another facet of this spiritual journey I am on, though I had heard the term before. “Become God’s vessel Margaret. A vessel of creativity and peace,” a friend advised.

When I do, the paint flows. In the office I no longer feel as though I am trudging through mud, in the studio, the paint flows, I am kinder, more patient, more attentive. My concentration increases and I am more productive. It is so empowering.

I wrote a prayer a week ago addressing this tendency we all have, which I’d like to share with you.

“Vessel of Peace”

Lord God,

Empty my mind today of all thought, all worry, all doubt, all anger, all mourning and all intellectual striving, so that I may be a vessel for you to fill with your Divine Guidance. Your abundant goodness then fills my heart and I am made an instrument of your peace, love and understanding.


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