On Intention

On Intention

I have started my day with meditation and prayer for decades now. It has given me strength, a sense of calm and hence sustained me through many difficult years.

Of late I have learned the value of intent. Whether it is an intention as to how I will move through the day or for a specific activity or event, I find the practice gives me confidence and a sense of greater purpose.

Having the intention to be peaceful before I arrive at a meeting or gathering where there are people who are not always agreeable for example, enables me to remain calm should I find myself conversing with an angry person. A stressful, argumentative situation is thus avoided.

Having the intent to move through my day with ease, while emanating compassion and peace helps me to do just that. Though I am not always successful, I understand  it takes practice. I will continue to strive to be the compassionate person I know we all are, at our core.

As is evident to many in my work, I strive to paint unique depictions of the our world that are rendered in such a way as to communicate the peace found in our nature. I have been told my art and poetry speak to the soul and bring healing, peace and a sense of relaxation to the viewer.

Such is my intent, as it has been for many years.

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