More Thoughts on the Painting "Shell Spiral."

More Thoughts on the Painting "Shell Spiral."

This depiction of a broken shell is one of hope and inner beauty. The inside of a seashell is to me, every bit as beautiful as the outer. This shell was found on wet sand having just been washed up by the early morning tide. It faces the rising sun, broken and beautiful with the perfection of youth at its’ side.

Outer beauty will eventually fade over time, should we be lucky enough to reach old age. It creeps up on us, the lines and wrinkles, the extra weight and graying hair. Yet it is the inner beauty of people that has the greatest and longest effect on others.

Have you ever known someone who’s love spread to everyone, yet his appearance was far less than attractive by society’s standards? I remember someone saying to me that a friend of mine, who was just such a person, was unattractive. I was taken aback. It had never occurred to me that someone might find Earl unattractive.

Because his inner beauty was so great, to those that knew him he was no less than absolutely handsome.

Earl was taken from us at an early age, yet his positive impact on others will last for many, many decades.

May we all work towards the kind of inner beauty just such people possess.

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