Love is the Answer

Love is the Answer

In celebration of Valentine's Day,below is a poem on Love.


Love is the Answer


Love is the answer to our prayers long lasting,

It heals and calms and eases human woe.

To love is to look deep within ungrasping,

To find a strength and peace, the constant flow.

The stream within sustains us everlasting

A river rich within most do not know.

To tap this source is to live life unwanting,

Content with how things are so we may grow.

Grow in the love existing without passion,

A love of God and self so we may sow

The seeds of love around us our rendition,

The only means to fend off our heart’s foe.

This force resides within us never yielding,

If only we could feel and hear and know.

Glimpses come and go, yet for sustaining,

A discipline and practice that we may row.

Row on a sturdy boat this rich river,

With strength, control and focus deep within

The reward of which a joy from the One Giver

Of which there is no other gift akin.



To me, love is what you do. 

What can you do today to show your love for another?



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