Light Reflects

Light Reflects


Often a poem will come to me while I am painting. The poem is a direct result of the deeper thoughts that I am striving to express through the painting. Other times a poem of mine will be inspired by a painting or a series of paintings, after they are complete.

Such was the case with the poem below, which was inspired by “Reflections and Refractions” pictured above, as well as “Swim with Me” and “Light Refracts” which can be found in the "Seascapes and Landscapes" of my site.

 Light Reflects

On the surface of the sea

Light reflects

The blue of the sky

The clouds just below

drifting and dancing


and blessing.

Upwards and outwards

Sharing with the Universe

The Light that is reflected

On the Surface of the Sea.


Yet on the Sea floor

Light refracts.

Through the body of water

To the sand below

The brilliance of the Heavens

Is minimized to lines.

Distorted, bending


And reaching

In one dimension.

Light meant for Infinity

Is limited and oppressed

Far below, on the sea floor.

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