Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the first entry on my new blog! So many changes, so much to be thankful for. This is a time of reflection, a time of renewal. For many, it is a time to make our yearly resolutions as well. This is a poem I wrote about a year ago. May it resonate with you as it has for others in the past year.




A Christmas come and gone once more…

Another year of one’s own lore

To contemplate and create anew…

The coming year’s resolves, a few

To write upon the weary pages

Of one’s own heart, alive yet faded.


Resolutions made and lost,

Triumphs yes, disappointments, cost.

To look at one’s own life and see…

The need to change, to grow to be

A kinder, patient, more loving soul.

Rekindle hope in one’s own role

As giver to the one’s we love,

A calming presence, a peaceful dove.



So far from this I clearly see,

The many flaws that make up me.

Yet hope I choose to hold on to,

The belief in change within, renew.

For in one’s change within, alone,

Lies the key to the difference shown…

In every smile and happy face,

The difference from despair to grace.



Wishing you a happy, healthy, loving New Year!


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