A Poem of Hope

A Poem of Hope

My paintings are much more than a stylized rendition of a particular seashell or seascape. I very often strive to communicate to the viewer a state of mind, a stillness, a peace that can be found by the sea.

I wonder why so many people who choose to vacation or live on the shore, do not take advantage of the opportunity to still their mind. Many a great prophet found their solace and peace while alone in a natural setting. That is where they went to meditate and to pray. It is easier there.

Stilling the mind, slowing it down, putting oneself in the complete “here and now.” This is the key to great inner peace. Yet I see people on the beach with their music on or talking on their phones and I wonder why. Do these people smell the salt in the air? Do they see the gulls and the shore birds? How many times have they missed witnessing the joyful leap of a dolphin out of the sea and into the air? Do they see the bull rays as they “fly” by submerged just below the Gulf’s surface? It is all so beautiful and so healing.

When one does find their mind still, it is then that our Creator will speak to us. Call it “intuition” if you will. It's the same thing. It is our inner guide.

I begin to see the “signs” as well. Reminders of who we really are, of what is of great importance, of what really matters. “Light Reflects” is a depiction of more than the sun reflecting off the surface of the Gulf. I am reminded of a poem I wrote last year.


“The Persistence of Light”


The Light of the Heavens break through the storm clouds,

Shining through the dense darkness a white light.

Reflections, an analogy of the Seekers.

Wishing, Manifesting, Willing.

The Light of the Heavens shining down through the darkness of thought

To the body  which so like our seas are many droplets, which make up One.

One ocean

One Body.

The penetration of light through to the depths of thought.

The reflection of light reaching back up to the heavens.

Dissolution of darkness.

The Saving Grace of our world.


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