A Flowering

A Flowering

Be it a shell or a flower, what I choose to paint often becomes more than what one may initially see. In the process of my creation, some sort of reflection of a friend or the person we are, or once was, is there.

The painting of a magnolia flower entitled “Emily” was named for a lovely young woman I know, as the flower “became” her as she unfolded before me with paint. She became Emily, or the best of the young woman I once was, or you were, or someone you may know.

“Carol Lynn” became a life long friend who has always maintained a pure heart.  She has always been a very disciplined person and is centered in her love of God and family. Do you know such a person? Could this floating camellia with the perfectly shaped and evenly spaced petals represent a person you know?

The magnolia I am now painting has become, some 2 hours into the piece, a middle aged woman. The flower is in full bloom, the petals beginning to brown, the pistils have fallen. The pure beauty of her youth is fading. She is well past the reproductive stage. Oh but what a time of life it is to enjoy! Inevitably life has dealt her some hard knocks. With a willingness to look deeply, live compassionately, strive to soften one’s heart, forgive and more fully love, she has opened herself up to the endless possibilities of the future.

As is written in The Desiderata of Happiness:

 With all its shame, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.

Be careful.

Strive to be happy.

Choose, every single day, to live in love. To be love.


Quite a challenge, I know.

Bad days are inevitable.

It takes practice, but with time and a conscious awareness of our own thoughts, we do improve.

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