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Lori's SchoolhouseDetail

I was inspired to begin another in the “Schoolhouse Beach” series by a friend who suggested I paint this beach more realistically. Though I have been commissioned to do several before Lori’s was started, I have done them all (a total of  7 now) with a lot of color added to the white rocks that make this beach famous. Interestingly enough, on the North Shore of Chicago where a few of these pieces hang, the paintings are  still recognized as the Schoolhouse Beach of which my inspiration comes. This beach is named for an old abandoned schoolhouse which stands at the corner of the turn-off that takes you to this remote cove on Washington Island off the northern tip of Door County, Wisconsin. I am very close to completing another as well. It is a  horizontal with the use of cadmium red, which is new to the colorful palette I normally use. It is turning out beautifully. The deep, rich hues are every bit as fascinating as this new piece with it’s many shades of white.  I must remain inspired to create the emotion I want to communicate. These paintings with all of the detail, take a lot of time and my eyes do tire easily with the tight brush work, hence the necessary breaks I must take between the Schoolhouse paintings as well as during the creation of each. Often I will turn to the painting of water with the loose brush strokes or a shell with it’s single subject. I strive to make each rock as lovely as I can, as I also strive to paint the peace that can be found in the simplest of God’s gifts from the sea. A couple are available as fine art giclee prints on both paper and canvas. Below is a poem I wrote which was inspired by the Schoolhouse paintings. It is an homage to the beauty that can be found in less magnificent  places. Have a nice weekend!

Once Upon a Rocky Shore

When once upon a Rocky Shore, I walked and gazed and sat before…

Near no high mountains or endless sea, just the many rocks and me,

To contemplate and listen to the waves wash up and cleanse anew,

The many rocks upon the shore, a peaceful sound, the lake, no more.

(All contents of this blog copyright 2010 by Margaret Elizabeth Biggs.)


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